Media: the Construction of Nord stream-2 can freeze

СМИ: Строительство Северного потока-2 могут заморозить

The company, which is a partner of Gazprom vpervyie said that possible US sanctions increase the likelihood of cessation of construction of the pipeline.

For the first time the participant of the project “Northern stream-2” company Uniper said that the Russian gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine could not finish.

About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the statement of one of the financial partners of Gazprom, German energy company. The statement noted that the preparation of new US sanctions increases the likelihood that the launch of “Nord stream-2” will be delayed, or the pipeline will not be completed at all.

“As the U.S. stepping up their efforts to target sanctions against the project “Nord stream-2″, the probability of delay or even halt construction of the pipeline increases,” — says the report of the concern.

Also Uniper said about the probable cancellation of the loan “Nord stream – 2” in the case of freezing of the project. At the end of may, the German company issued 700 million euros, all expected 950 million euros.

As reported, the Polish Antimonopoly regulator UOKiK fined “Gazprom” on almost 213 million zlotys (57 million dollars). The reason for the penalty was the refusal of Gazprom from cooperating in the investigation against the project “Northern stream-2”.