Media: the energy Ministry has proposed quota for diesel and LPG from Russia

СМИ: Минэнерго предложило квоты на дизель и автогаз из РФ

Quotas would be introduced for diesel at 175 THD. MT in the month, LPG – 50 THD. MT

Its position energy explains the rapid growth of imports of these fuels from the country-aggressor.

The Ministry of energy has proposed quotas on the import of diesel fuel and autogas (LPG) from Russia. On Wednesday, June 17, according to Ekogh with reference to the letter of the Ministry for the economy Ministry.

Stated that quotas would be introduced for diesel at 175 THD. MT in the month, LPG – 50 thousand tons.

“The analysis conducted by experts of the Ministry of energy, suggests that the financial crisis and the reduction in retail sales by almost 15%, the establishment of quotas for diesel and LPG from Russia in the amount of 30% will not lead to shortages in the domestic market. According to the calculations, the size of the quota is equivalent to 175 tonnes of diesel fuel and 50 tonnes of LPG, which is more than enough to ensure the stability of the fuel market”, – stated in the letter of Ministry dated 16 June.

The energy Ministry requested the Ministry to analyse the consequences of such limitations and within three days (until June 19) to provide its position.

In addition, the energy Ministry has proposed to ban imports from Russia any other fuels.

Its position, the Agency explains “the rapid growth of imports of LPG and diesel fuel from the aggressor country” and the need to limit the import of gas from Russia at 30% of the volume of the Ukrainian market.

The publication claims that arguing such a statement, the energy Ministry cites incorrect figures on the dynamics of import of diesel fuel in 2020 In particular, the Agency argues that “in March 2020 from Russia to Ukraine imported diesel fuel by 75% more than in January of this year,” that is not true.

According to Consulting group A-95, in March 2020 from Russia imported 166,4 thousand tons of diesel fuel, which is 17% more than in January 2020 – 142,5 thousand tons.

The share of Russian diesel fuel in the balance of the Ukrainian market in 2019 amounted to 35.7% (2.5 million tons while market volume of 6.99 million tonnes) for 5 months in 2020 39,5% (1.07 million tons while market volume of 2.71 million tons). The increase in the share of Russian resources in 2020 was the result of disruption of imports from Belarus due to problems with loading the Belarusian oil refineries.

The share of Russian LPG in 2019 amounted to 34,6% (666 thousand tons from 1925 kt), for 5 months. 2020 – 38,3% (292,5 of 764,4 kt), driven by increased consumption of natural gas fuel customers.

October 1, 2019 applies the import duty on diesel fuel from Russia by pipeline transport at 4%, and all deliveries of Russian LPG – 3%. These special duties were introduced from 1 August 2019 and initially was 3.75% for DT and 1.75% for LPG.

Earlier it was reported that diesel fuel and liquefied gas in Ukraine may rise to a level where they will be the highest in Europe. This happens in the case of restrictions on the import of petroleum products, sought by oil companies.