Media: the White house is investigating a complaint of intelligence to the President trump, for the Ukraine (PHOTO)

СМИ: Белый дом расследует жалобу разведки на президента Трампа, касающуюся Украины (ФОТО)

An unnamed us intelligence official could file a complaint to the inspector-General of intelligence Michael Atkinson because of a telephone conversation between the presidents of the United States Donald trump and Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. This opinion was expressed on air of CNN lawyer American leader Rudy Giuliani.

He was asked to comment on the newspaper The Washington Post, claimed that the alarm of a scout caused some ill-advised phrase of trump, which was about Ukraine and touched upon the national interests of the United States.

“If the publications are true, then it changes nothing. Perhaps the US President should not tell the President of Ukraine that he investigated in his country of corruption if it has affected elections in 2016 [in the US],” explained Giuliani. He suggested that they referred to acts of corruption committed persons in Ukraine, “sought to substitute” trump.

The lawyer of the head of state asked to comment on the version according to which trump during a conversation with Zelensky hinted that blocks the release of the United States $250 million in military assistance to Ukraine, if Kiev will refuse to investigate the machinations of the former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden in 2016. According to Giuliani, such a hypothesis “is fully consistent with the fact that Biden recognized two years ago: he spoke to the then President of Ukraine [Petro Poroshenko] that he would not receive $1.2 billion, if not fired his attorney General [Victor]”.

Giuliani emphasized that this scandalous episode has not been covered properly by the American mainstream media, predubezhdenie against trump. However, these same media outlets now vigorously hyping the hype around the complaint of an unnamed American spy. Giuliani added that he knew nothing about the events described by The Washington Post.

Intelligence officer filed a complaint after 2.5 weeks after a telephone conversation trump and Zelensky. Democrats on three committees of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress are conducting an investigation in connection with this conversation. They assume that trump, Giuliani and other persons from the environment of the American leader trying to encourage Ukraine to indirectly help the head of the Washington administration to be re-elected for a second term in the elections of 2020. Lawmakers demanded a full transcript of the conversation.

The trump has denied claims by the media that could in conversation with one of the foreign leaders to promise that infringe upon American interests.

As reported in August, CNN, the Chairman of the special Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress Adam Schiff (Democrat from California) had focused attention on the fact that Giuliani has held consultations with assistant to the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak. They allegedly touched Biden, who is now considered the most likely rival trump in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. According to CNN, Giuliani and Ermak discussed the role of Biden in the dismissal of the Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Shokin. He was investigating the activities of Ukrainian gas company linked to the son of Biden.

Last week U.S. officials of high rank said in Washington that the United States has restored all military aid to Ukraine both from the state Department and the Pentagon. We are talking about at least $250 million on the line of the Pentagon, which had previously been frozen at the time of revision of the respective funds. In addition, as reported by the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for political-military Affairs, Clark Cooper, responding to questions TASS in Washington at a meeting with journalists, approximately $ 140 million will be allocated by the foreign Ministry.

In late August, the us newspaper Politico reported that the US President gave the order to conduct a review of military assistance to Ukraine. As noted by the newspaper, the President wants to make sure that this money is used in the best way from the point of view of the interests of the United States. At the time of the audit, the funds were frozen. According to the Ministry of defense, the military assistance provided by Washington to Kiev in 2014 was $1.5 billion.
The Washington Post notes that while it is not clear whether the promise that caused concern to the informant, the trump of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, however, for a few weeks before the appeal of the American President is really talked by phone with his Ukrainian counterpart.

The inspector General of the intelligence community Michael Atkinson determined that the address of the employee contained accurate information and deserves to him in accordance with the procedures presented to the congressional committees for oversight, which was done to them without any further details.In turn, the national US intelligence argued that there was no need to notify the Congress was not the address of the informant did not concern urgent problems.
However, the Chairman of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Adam Schiff requested a copy of the letter, warning that he is ready to subpoena senior members of American intelligence. He noted that Maguire has agreed to testify in Congress next week. The administration trump declined to comment on the Washington Post message, the President called him a “fake.”