Media: U.S. intelligence believes that Russia will try to intervene in the presidential election of 2020

American intelligence agencies believe that Russia will try to intervene in the presidential election of 2020 to help the current President of the United States Donald Trump to get re-elected. About the sources of American media, knowledgeable about the content of the secret briefing for members of Congress, reports the BBC.

СМИ: разведка США считает, что Россия попытается вмешаться в президентские выборы 2020 года

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A number of American media with reference to anonymous sources reported that on February 13 the intelligence community held a closed-door briefing about a possible Russian intervention in the American presidential elections for members of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives.

Russia denies that helped Trump to win the election last time in 2016.

According to the New York Times, trump found out about the content of the briefing from the Republican members of Congress and was unhappy so I decided to propose for approval the candidacy of the current Director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire.

On 20 February it became known that trump has appointed a new acting Director of national intelligence coordinator all 17 intelligence services — Richard Grenell. Who before held the post of U.S. Ambassador to Germany Grenell has no experience in intelligence.

However, Grenell said he will take the post on a temporary basis, and for the approval of the Senate, the President will present another candidate. Some senators expressed doubts about the prospects for passage of Grenelle.

Russia’s Reaction

The Kremlin has called “paranoid” statements by us intelligence that Russia is interfering in the election campaign the year 2020 and tries to reinforce the chances for re-election trump says “Voice of America”.

“Another paranoid message, which, unfortunately, will be more and more as you get closer to the election. Of course, they have nothing to do with the truth,” – said the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.

The history of intervention

In 2017, in the last days of the Obama administration, the American intelligence community issued a report on various forms of Russian intervention in elections in 2016 — from breaking the correspondence between the functionaries of the Democratic party to the trolls trying to influence the voters, targeted advertising in social networks and attacks on the infrastructure of the counting of votes.

The decision about this operation, as stated, was made personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In may 2017 was appointed special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is almost two years has also developed a version about the conspiracy of the environment trump with persons acting in interests of the Russian state.

Eventually Mueller did not find evidence of a conspiracy, but made a clear conclusion about the reality of other forms of Russian intervention and even filed charges against several Russians, who in the indictment were called GRU.

As a source told CNN, in a new briefing for legislators said in General about all of the same order of the Russian intervention — not only to support trump, but to undermine the credibility of the electoral process in American society.

However, while “it is unclear what specific steps Russia could take to help Trump,” wrote Washington Post.

Russian officials have repeatedly and categorically denied intervention in the American elections.

Trump doesn’t like talking about the Russian intervention

At the stage of the election campaign, Donald trump has repeatedly made statements that demonstrated an unusual American politics is a willingness to compromise with Russia, approvingly responded about Vladimir Putin, questioned the need for NATO and even admitted the possibility of recognizing the Crimea as Russian territory.

In the summer of 2016, he directly urged Russia (“Russia, if you hear me”) to find emails, allegedly missing since the private server of his rival Hillary Clinton.

In the autumn of that year, when accusations of Russian interference sounded everywhere, trump said that cyber attacks are capable of both Russia and any other country.

Residing in the White house, trump continued to act in the same spirit. Investigation Muller he was called a witch hunt. Shortly after the last performance of Muller in Congress, 25 July 2019, a telephone conversation trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, where he mentioned this event and asked to investigate the activities of many of his political opponents.

This conversation led to the launch of the impeachment, who announced the President Democrats controlled the House of representatives. The Senate, where most Republicans have ultimately decided not to deprive trump of the post.

The sources of the American media, however, has repeatedly said that the President is extremely sensitive to any mention about the Russian intervention, believing that they are questioning the legitimacy of his election victory. His allies Republicans the fact of intervention in the mass, recognize, but insist that it did not affect the result of the vote.

During the new briefing: “Republicans reacted as you would expect. They were furious. They began to doubt the veracity of intelligence” quoted its source Reuters.

According to the source the Washington Post on a briefing Trump said Devin Nunes, Republican minority leader on the Committee, is known for his loyalty to the President, and a tendency to believe in conspiracy theories about the “deep state.”

In the intelligence Committee chaired by the Democrat Adam Schiff, who played a prominent role in the impeachment process — he was lead Manager (essentially a Prosecutor) at trial in the Senate. According to sources, this fact even more hurt trump, when he found out about the briefing about the new Russian intervention.

Then he was suspected of acting Director of national intelligence of disloyalty and appointed in his place Grenell who shared his thesis on the “deep state,” digging under President. In 2016 Grenell wrote articles about the fact that Russia tried to interfere in the American election and its recent efforts in this direction are not fundamentally different from the previous ones.



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