Media: US authorities are hiding list of States with the mass incidence of COVID-19

The US withheld information about the mass infection in the country, reports “”.

СМИ: власти США скрывают список штатов с массовой заболеваемостью COVID-19

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The white house drafted a document, which referred to “red zones” COVID-19 — States where there has recently been a high rate of spread of the coronavirus. About it writes The Daily Beast, citing the Center for integrity of companies (Center for Public Integrity CPI), at whose disposal got a document.

It is noted that the list States the “red zone” prepared for the task force from the White house and coronavirus circulated among members of the Federal government. However, it did not publish for a wide audience.

The list included 18 States: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah.

“The fact that this information did not publish for the General public, does not make sense. Why are they trying to hide this from the Americans?” — outraged Director of the Harvard Institute of public health’s Ashish JHA.

According to the latest data, the number of infected in the United States exceeded 3.5 million. From complications of pneumonia COVID-19, killing 138 358 people.

The epidemic affects the political situation in the country. For example, the chances of re-election of President Donald trump has decreased, because of the coronavirus, he may not hold mass meetings with his supporters that ensured his victory in the elections of 2016.



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