Mediavoyna ‘Russian oligarchs’ delayed the British media, Parliament, intelligence services and courts (PHOTOS)

On the backdrop of the upcoming UK withdrawal from the European Union, to be held October 31, 2019, the country’s political life revived another prominent theme – the showdown “Russian oligarchs” as it is called in London, many wealthy immigrants from Russia.

In the London newspaper The Guardian released two devoted to this material. One of them reported that the journalist channel Al Jazeera’s will Jordan resigned in protest against the act of censorship, accusing the editor that he was hurt to investigate concerning lobbying and corruption campaign, which launched in London the opponents of Russian coal magnate Alexander Shchukin order to freeze the assets of his daughter Elena Shchukina and son Ildar uzbekova, UK citizens.

Interest British readers to this case due to the fact that in the organization of the campaign was attended by the acting Deputy of the house of Commons from North-West Norfolk sir Henry Bellingham, former Minister for Europe and America, one of the official representatives of the Prime Minister on trade issues. British counterintelligence Мі5 even opened an investigation in connection with bribery Bellingham, but denies that he received any reward for their labors.

The second publication associated with the missing in December 2016 Manager of one of the Kuzbass mines Eugene Lazarevic. His successors with the support of the army of lobbyists, PR specialists, lawyers and journalists – decided, as The Guardian writes, to convince the British political elite that before the disappearance of the Lazarevic was going to testify against Alexander Shchukin, although no evidence of this was not presented.

At the same time in Russia the staff associated with Shchukin companies have written statements to the police about the facts of illegal mining in the mine “Koksovaya-2”, which was under the control of Lazarevic. Lobbyists are not confused by the fact that lazarević was gone a month after Alexander Shchukin was placed under house arrest – in the case of mine, “Inskoy”, not linked to Lazarevic.

The Guardian notes that Mr. Shchukin has never had contacts and joint business interests with the missing Manager, and was neither a witness nor an accused in the case of his disappearance. However, Sir Bellingham launched a campaign against him. and his family, convinced Minister of security, UK Ben Wallace to check the status of son-in Shchukin and his assets in the National Agency for combating crime, which is an independent and protected from political influence by the office. The investigation was scheduled to open at the request of Unexplained Wealth Orders (inquiry about the unclear sources of state), in the context of the 2017 law on financial crimes (Criminal Finances Act).

Recently the British justice often requires relocating to the island of millionaires, first and foremost, Russian, Arabic and Chinese to explain the origin of their capital. In opinion of Ildar uzbekova, which cites The Guardian, the true purpose of contract against him, his wife and father-in-law is to deprive them of control over the Cypriot family trust, which controls their main asset is a coal mine “Polosukhinskaya” income-generating 100 million dollars a year.

The organizers of this campaign against the Russian coal magnate was known as the immigrants from Russia, among them the lawyer Andrey Lyakhov – in his emails, he said that the campaign against him. and his family is held with the active support of Wallace, although it was not so. Then the Minister of security and contacted Mi5, the counterintelligence passing all the information available to it. Poles in 2017, was deprived of his right to practice law in Britain, just because of the fake emails.

The sponsor of this public relations campaign, according to British journalists, was Emanuel Zeltser, who lives in Florida Russian lawyer, famous for its part in dividing the inheritance, the partner of Boris Berezovsky, Badri Patarkatsishvili.

According to The Guardian, while any claims to Shchukin in the UK is not extended. His son Ildar Uzbekov already explained to the press that the source of wealth of his family coal business in Kuzbas, absolutely transparent, including for the Russian tax service. Over the past five years owned company had paid tax in Russia at a total amount of 20 billion rubles.

One of the potential customers of the campaign against him. in Russia, and in Britain, calls the Uzbek businessman, former aide to President of Tatarstan Rustem forestry nail Magdeev and his business partner Ruslan Rostovtsev. Litigation between Shchukin and Rostovtsev long stretch, most of Rostovtsev lost. In particular, according to the suit Shchukin are under arrest means Rostovtsev 113 million dollars. The second “oligarch” who has a conflict with Shchukin, co – owner of Kuzbassrazrezugol, a billionaire Andrey Bokarev, which Uzbeks call one of the interested parties a public relations campaign.

Alexander Shchukin is now under house arrest in Russia on charges of extortion of a controlling stake in coal mines.