Medicine, credit cards and other disadvantages of living in the United States: opinions of the Russian immigrant

The author of the channel “Life in America” on “Yandex.Zen” shared his opinion on what features of American life hard to get used to the immigrant.

Медицина, кредитки и другие минусы жизни в США: мнение русскоязычного иммигранта

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I want to share impressions about aspects of America that may seem negative.

For example, the first minus for me medicine. Rather, the medicine is good, but expensive. On the best work they’ll give you insurance, but even in this case, you will pay some portion. The prices for medical services very high.

But — most importantly — it is unclear how much it is worth. So the approximate price for services can only speculate. Validity of insurance is very complex and the price of insurance also is not small.

The next drawback for me is the banking system. Worries me a little protection on the map, but there are nuances. The easiest way to steal money from your credit card. All because the no credit card even PIN code. In the case of a quick visit to the Bank you’ll block and reissue the card, and the money will return.

But if you have hacked debit card, it’s much worse. Therefore debit card suggest not even to carry it anywhere and not to use it.

In General, where small transactions card you will be asked to enter the PIN. Even if you use a debit card. Therefore it is not necessary to use the card anywhere as long as you don’t know the exact amount of the withdrawal.

A big minus for those who don’t know English is that most issues are resolved over the phone. Everywhere it is necessary to call. Go to the website online or write in chat support where little is possible, so all newcomers will be long and hard to explain, in his broken English.

On the other hand, on the phone all issues are resolved much faster than if you write the letter in the mail. But many people still use the Fax in the USA so I had to learn how to use a Fax.

By the way, paper mail is very common. All the most important documents you will receive in the mail. It works quickly and well.

The original column published in the blog “Life in America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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