Medicines cure better, if they believe the doctors themselves

Effectiveness of medicines is enhanced if they believe their prescribing doctors. To such conclusion came the authors of the study, which was conducted on twenty four patients of the burn units.

Лекарства лечат лучше, если в них верят сами медики

Faith doctor in something or other medication prescribed to the patient, can be one of the key factors determining the effectiveness of the drug. Surprisingly, the corresponding assumption was actually confirmed by the results of experimental researches in which took part almost two dozen patients.

The doctors discharged participants of the experiment ointment for treatment of burns of the extremities, and, at the same time, told them about his attitude to the medication. One patients the doctors said that I believe in appointed medicine, and others, respectively, that do not believe. Thus, patients actually prescribed the same cream.

As expected, patients who were encouraged by the faith of the doctor in the drug, felt a more pronounced relief. But feelings are, of course, quite a controversial figure, so the scientists were primarily interested in the speed of healing of burns. However, here the advantage was to those who the doctor told about the drug with enthusiasm. How it works — scientists understand very roughly, but it still works — faith works wonders.