Medvedev derided in the network because of absurd statements about robots

Медведева высмеяли в сети из-за абсурдного заявления о роботах

Not so long ago the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev spoke about what the Russians plan to replace the robots, and so they need to prepare for retraining.

The publication of “Sobesednik” reports that cartoonist Kamil Muzykaev in your Instagram published a cartoon that reflects public opinion on this issue.

Illustration done in cartoon style black-and-Bella scheme. It depicts Dmitry Medvedev, who sits on the workplace. Next to it is a fancy robot with unfriendly facial expression and points a finger to the side, alluding to the fact that a politician left the workplace.

It is reported that the Russians really did not like this statement and many have said that Medvedev himself replaced by a robot. Apparently, the artist is repelled from the idea when drawing a caricature.

Members warmly welcomed the picture and noted that the artist perfectly fit into the theme. In addition, some began to release ironic jokes interested in the question of whether to pay them a salary if the robot will instead go to work.