Meet a gigantic beast

&Meet a gigantic beast


This mission in Nunavut consists of documenting the work of prospectors. When I got there, I immediately boarded a Bell 407 helicopter. Rémi, the pilot, asks me if I have already “worked” with the Ferrari of helicopters. I tell him that I have more experience with the B2. He confirms to me that he also likes this aircraft, but that today we are in a high performance aircraft. In flight, the landscape is defined by minimalist beauty. Here, no trees. Not even a shrub. We only see rocks as far as the eye can see, punctuated by countless bodies of water. A few hills here and there. In other words, the horizon is revealed to infinity… In this desert weave that scrolls at 200 km/h, dark spots break up the monotony of the decor. Rémi, looking intrigued, observes the animals in turn and asks me: “Have you ever seen muskox? ” This English name designates the famous musk oxen of the Arctic. After dozens of trips to the regions of the Canadian Far North, I have never been able to come across one. This is an opportunity to be seized. The pilot smiles at me and begins a maneuver from which I feel the descent. Once the helicopter on the ground, an approach in the relief of the tundra allows me to photograph this mastodon, with prehistoric looks.

Camera: Canon EOS R6

Lens: RF 100-400mm

Exposure: 1/1000s at f/8

ISO: 640