Meet the new: what is remarkable about credit card Apple Card

In March, Apple announced card Apple Card together with the Bank Goldman Sachs and Mastercard international payment system. It will be released in August and to be active only in the United States. It can pay in the usual mode, and with Apple Pay (reference to Android, of course, will not). But the option of contactless payment physical card is missing. It is activated on the principle of Air Pods — when you sync with iPhone.

Встречаем новинку: чем примечательна кредитная карта Apple Card

The Apple Card has no penalty interest rate. Apple and Goldman Sachs will patiently wait for repayment of the loan, except that the credit rating you get down to a few lines down — the standard punishment of debtors.

The owners of Apple Card can pay and top up your card with Apple Cash and ACH. Credit card cancels red tape with the signatures of the cheques when you pay in some shops or food service locations.

Users will not know the card number and expiration date on the physical specifies only the name of the owner, and in the electronic version displays only the last four digits of the number. This is done in order to simplify the process of blocking the card in case of theft and obtaining a new one. Now, you can simply request a new room.

Встречаем новинку: чем примечательна кредитная карта Apple Card

Apple, as usual, took care of privacy: “Apple knows what you bought, where and for how much” — soothes Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay. All information on expenditures is stored directly on the device, not on Apple servers. The company also promises that “Goldman Sachs will never sell your data to third parties for the purpose of marketing and advertising.”

With the launch of branded credit cards the Cupertino company is on a par with the giants of Amazon and Uber, already have their own card. However, on the privileges and bonuses Apple is far behind: the registration bonuses, $50 when you register your card, discounts on meals and 4-5% of kasbeam the company Tim cook opposes only cashback 2% (or 3% in case of payment of Apple products) that a few sad experts.

By the end of 2019 Apple Card will be available in 40 countries. On arrival in Ukraine do not have to think: Goldman Sachs does not license services to individuals in our country.