Meeting the cadets and Johnson for Brexit ended in a no contest (PHOTOS)

Встреча Юнкера и Джонсона по Brexit закончилась безрезультатно (ФОТО)

The EU is still not received from the UK proposals for reaching agreement about conditions of withdrawal of the Kingdom from the community as part of the transaction, approved by the Brussels and London on 25 November 2018. This is stated in the statement of the European Commission (EC) released on Monday in Brussels following the meeting in Luxembourg, the head of the EC Jean-Claude Juncker and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
“President Juncker recalled (Johnson. – Approx. TASS) that the UK has a responsibility to offer functional from a legal point of view solutions that are compatible with the agreement, release [25 November]. President Juncker stressed the continued commitment of the European Commission to examine whether such proposals to be “backstop” (temporary stay in Northern Ireland as part of the customs Union of the EU and the European single market after Brexit. – Approx. TASS). Such offers did not arrive yet”, – said in a communiqué.

The document stresses that “the European Commission is ready to work 24/7”. “The October EU summit (17-18 Oct. – Approx. TASS) will be an important milestone in this process. The 27 EU countries remain in unity,” added the EC, noting that cadets at the meeting was accompanied by the chief negotiator of the EU Brexit, Michel Barnier.

Boris Johnson also confirmed that he would not ask the EU about the new delay and intends to carry out Brexit October 31, reports Sky News.

Meeting the cadets and Johnson was supposed to help to break the deadlock, which came the negotiations for a Brexit. It was assumed that the parties will discuss alternatives “backstop”. The UK does not agree to “backstop” in the form in which it is spelled out in the draft agreement with the EU, however, Brussels is not satisfied with the alternative proposal of London, on the introduction of a unified customs regime for agricultural products and foodstuffs on the island of Ireland. It is the solution of the question of the Irish border could open the way to the conclusion of the transaction between the parties.

UK were to leave the EU 29 March 2019, that is two years after submitting a written notification of withdrawal from the community. However, the deputies of the house of Commons of the British Parliament three times rejected the draft agreement on the terms Brexit made between Brussels and the government of Prime Minister Theresa may. In the end, the EU agreed to postpone the Brexit first in April or may, then on October 31, and may was forced to resign after failing to bring the situation out of the impasse. Replaced it, Boris Johnson has promised that the country will leave the EU on 31 October with a deal or without.

Last month, the British government has spent more than $ 256 thousand pounds sterling (more than 318 thousand dollars) on advertising with a call to the citizens to prepare for Brexit, which was posted on the social network Facebook. All in all for such purposes has been spent 100 million pounds (nearly 125 million dollars) collected from taxpayers. Warnings about the upcoming “breccia” was placed, in particular, on billboards and bus stops.