Meg Ryan broke up again with the wrong boyfriend

57-year-old Meg Ryan, which, as expected, was very soon to play the wedding, suddenly decided to break up with her fiancé John Mellencamp . This became known from the insider reporter publication Radar online.

Мэг Райан снова рассталась с неверным бойфрендом

Actually, Meg is not the first time puts from home Mellencamp, which began to meet again in 2014. the last time it happened in 2104, when she found out that John is cheating on her with model Christie Brinkley. After that, Mellencamp went to Ryan Brinkley. However, having lived with her for less than a year, wanted to go back to his old friend. However, he had to beg Meg for forgiveness almost a year. Then they reunited, and, as it seemed, this time they all went well. However, with the task to re-Mellencamp, Meg still could not cope…

According to the source, Meg was desperate in trying to change John. She failed to get him the absolute loyalty he strove to twist an affair on the side. Besides, she was tired of the frequent unexpected absences Mellencamp. The fact that he didn’t like life in new York. And at every opportunity he flew to his home in a small town in Idaho. And Meg was reported that he left again only when it was in the cabin. Besides, Ryan was annoying and other little things. Like the fact that he wore the same, according to Meg, tacky and absolutely not fashionable clothes. And she thoughtfully bought for him hung in the closet without use. In short, she failed to make Mellencamp a real Knickerbocker. But to leave his beloved city, and to leave with John in “the Outback” it was not ready.