Megan Fox and Bruce Willis: 12 celebrities who love to shop at Costco

Recently, the photo of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife went around the Internet. As seen in the photo technical magnate and his wife Priscilla choose a TV in a Costco store, which was located in mountain view (CA). This writes the Business Insider.

Меган Фокс и Брюс Уиллис: 12 знаменитостей, которые любят делать покупки в Costco

Photo: Depositphotos

However, Zuckerberg isn’t the only celebrity who is a fan of Costco.

In 2008, Megan Fox visited Costco together with her current husband, Brian Austin green, she saw a shopping cart filled with toilet paper and Kirkland products.

Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal is a longtime supporter of the Democratic party, and the company donated money to the Obama campaign in 2012. Similarly, Obama is a big fan of the network — during his presidency, he made several visits to Costco and advertised retailer.

Former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani was spotted shopping at Costco in Reno in 2007. According to reports, he bought a few DVD’s, socks and a book about Richard Nixon.

The clan of Kardashian-Jenner is also a fan of Costco. Sisters Kylie and Chloe were photographed when they were shopping in Costco in Los Angeles in 2014, and family matriarch Kris Jenner said that Costco is her favorite store to resupply.

In 2014, John Mayer wrote on Twitter that just made my first visit to Costco, and joked that he “went crazy” in the store.

He also helped a pair of sneakers Costco Kirkland become popular after a joke to Instagram, he paid 700 dollars to get their hands on a pair.

Ryan Seacrest has revealed himself as a fan of Costco, giving Justin Bieber a Costco membership for his 18th birthday on Seacrest radio show in 2012.

“I knew you for a few years and have been waiting for this moment, because I want something to give you on your 18th birthday,” said Seacrest, giving a gift.

He continued: “This is what I love. My friends and I used to use it quite often when we were roommates. It’s very fun.”

Also Jessica Alba was photographed shopping at the Costco in downtown Los Angeles in 2010. The actress turned business woman, stocked with electronics, including a TV and DVD player.

Ashlee Simpson came out of the Costco store in Los Angeles in 2011 together with his son Bronx and girlfriend, which is pushing a cart with purchases.

Republican MITT Romney was spotted at the Costco store in La JOLLA, California, in 2012, when he took out a cart full of supplies.

Actor Bruce Willis has admitted that he is “a big fan” Costco.

“Strange as it sounds, I’m a big fan of Costco, he said in an interview. I like this big cart — I fill it with things and then get to the cashier and it turns out that I don’t need anything. But in its own way, Costco is like a Museum.”