Megan Fox first told about your psychological breakdown

The other day 33-year-old Megan Fox has decided to share memories of the worst moment of his life, which she had experienced. The story the actress is remembered on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the film “Jennifer’s Body” which she suffered at the time. About it the actress said the publication of etonline.

Меган Фокс впервые рассказала о своем психологическом срыве

After this movie, which many have deemed provocative, was released, it was a barrage of criticism. Moreover, from both film critics and ordinary viewers. As a result, Megan, who played in the movie the main role, was in an unenviable situation. “I then happened to real psychological breakdown. I had neither the strength nor desire to do anything – neither to participate in photo shoots or give interviews or appear on red carpets… I was afraid to appear in public. I thought all of me would start to laugh, show fingers at me, scream, say nasty things… It was a very difficult period of my life…” — said Megan.

Finally rid of this condition to her, according to Fox, helped only motherhood. “When I got pregnant, and my view of the world, and, most importantly, my attitude towards myself started to change. And then I had another child, and then the third… And the birth of every new baby helped me be a better person, to find a contact with itself,” — explained the actress.

We will remind, the first child of Megan son Noah was born in 2012. His father was Brian Austin green, with whom Fox started Dating in 2004-m to year. However, their relationship has not been easy. Although in 2006, they announced their engagement three years later the couple broke up. However, they soon reconciled and in 2010, got married on the island of Maui. Four years later, after marriage and two after the birth of first child, was born the second son of the spouses Bodhi. And two years later, and the third Journey. The birth of the youngest child helped Megan and Brian, who have decided to divorce, to reconcile and revoke the divorce. Since then, Fox and green live together peacefully, bringing up sons, who, admittedly, is strikingly beautiful.