Mei pushes Trudeau to participate in the climate summit (PHOTO)

Мэй подталкивает Трюдо к участию в саммите по климату (ФОТО)

On Friday, Justin Trudeau finished a week of dialogue with opposition leaders meeting with Elizabeth may from the Green party, and she tried to convince the Prime Minister to take part in the International summit on climate change.

After the meeting, Mei said that she had called on Trudeau to take part in the summit in Madrid next month, where he could encourage other countries to achieve more ambitious goals in reducing emissions.

During the election campaign the liberals promised to send on the way to Canada to achieve carbon neutrality and to be there by 2050, and may have suggested that such a strong statement of the leader of oil-producing countries at the international summit will serve as a guide for other countries.

But to attend Trudeau will be hard because the summit will be held at a time when the House of Commons will resume the meeting that will take place on the 5th of December and the first meeting will begin with a keynote speech Trudeau, in which he will outline the principal goals of the government. The UN Congress, 25th Conference of the parties to the framework Convention United Nations on climate change, or the abbreviation “КОС25”, will be held from 2 to 13 December.

Mei said that Trudeau assured her that he would discuss environmental issues with their Minister of the environment, as soon as the new Cabinet will be sworn in next Wednesday. She suggested that Catherine McKenna, who held this post during his first term liberal government, will be dismissed from this role, and that the new figure in the government, liberal MP Stephen Guilbaud, an expert on environmental matters with great experience, clearly suitable for this position.

Mei reported that Trudeau has also promised to bring new legislation in compliance with the Declaration of the United Nations on the rights of indigenous peoples (UNDRIP), which is the main requirement of the green, as well as to prevent cancellation of abortion in new Brunswick.

This bill was considered by the previous Parliament but is stuck in the Senate when the electoral race begins.

Mei resigned as General leader of the Green but still leads represented by three deputies of the green party in the House of Commons.

Trudeau is looking for common ground with the leaders of the Conservative party, the Quebec Bloc and the NDP at separate meetings in December as he prepares to return to Parliament without a majority in the House of Commons.

It will need the support of at least one of these parties to pass laws, and his first test will be getting the approval of his keynote speech.

Mei said that she would be unlikely to support a policy speech, which includes a plan for the construction of pipelines of fossil fuels.

Green got more seats in the recent elections than ever, but remain the only party in the House of Commons, which does not have a sufficient number of representatives to achieve the Trudeau liberals win, supporting the government during the voting.

This made the meeting on Friday courtesy rather than by negotiations between the rivals seeking to find a compromise to promote their plans.