Melanie brown had an affair with his stylist

44-year-old singer and television personality Melanie brown and 31-year-old hairdresser Rory McPhee have been Dating for two years, but do not hurry to publish his novel.

Мелани Браун закрутила роман со своим стилистом

That Melanie happy again in a relationship, The Sun told friends of the singer:

Mel’s not looking for a serious relationship, but with Rory she never ceases to smile. The fact that they are together is pure happenstance. But it is important if you are both happy with each other.

According to insiders, Mel and Rory met through a cousin of singer Christian cook. A professional relationship quickly turned into a personal affection. About the chosen one Mel b, little is known: Rory 31 years, he worked as a stylist at hair in the TV show Loose Women, and manages a beauty salon Rory James.

Not to build serious plans for the future Melanie brown has her reasons. Because of his past relationship with producer Stephen Belafonte singer still recalls with a shudder.

Recall, Mel and Stephen broke up in December 2016, after 10 years of marriage. When you apply for divorce, brown accused ex-wife in “emotional and physical violence.” And doctors diagnosed the singer’s post traumatic stress disorder, which to this day makes itself felt. Last week Mel said that she is haunted by a terrible nightmare in which her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte cuts off her finger.

I ran down the stairs, because I thought that my ex cut off my finger. I thought it really happened because he threatened to do it. I was sure that I had no fingers and my mom had to calm me down. I always have to remind myself that I live in the present and the memories — it’s just a game of my brain, —

told brown.