Meloni denounces “the Nazi-fascist fury” responsible for the roundup of the Rome ghetto

Meloni denounces


Giorgia Meloni, leader of the post-fascist Fratelli d'Italia party and likely future prime minister, denounced “Nazi-fascist fury” on Sunday's 79th anniversary of the roundup of the Jewish ghetto in Rome.  

It is also 84 years since the anti-Jewish laws of the fascist regime of dictator Benito Mussolini were promulgated. 

“October 16, 1943 is for Rome and for Italy a tragic day, dark and indelible. That morning, minutes after 5:00 a.m., the vile and inhumane deportation of Roman Jews by Nazi-fascist fury: women, men and children were torn from life, house by house,” Giorgia Meloni wrote in a statement. . 

The German police arrested hundreds of people in the Jewish ghetto. 

Some foreigners or people from mixed marriages were later released, but 1,022 men, women and children were sent to the concentration camps. concentration. Only 15 men and one woman returned. 

In total, nearly 8,000 Italian Jews died in the concentration camps. 

“A horror that must sound like a warning so that these tragedies do not happen again. A memory that we know is that of all Italians, a memory that serves to build antibodies against indifference and hatred. A memory to continue to fight, in all its forms, anti-Semitism”, concluded Ms. Meloni. 

The co-founder of Fratelli d'Italia, Ignazio La Russa, elected president Thursday of the Senate after the victory in the legislative elections of September 25 of a coalition between the right and the extreme right, also evoked “one of the darkest pages of our history”. 

Controversial personality , collector of fascist relics, he expressed “to the Jewish community, today as always, [his] most sincere support”. 

During the establishment of the new Senate on Thursday, it is a Holocaust survivor, Liliana Segre, 92, who as dean chaired the first session. She then underlined “the symbolic value” of her presence, “in this month of October marking the centenary of the March on Rome which was the beginning of the fascist dictatorship”.