MELOVIN admitted, trying to quit Smoking

According to the artist, he tried all the “popular” methods, but to no avail

MELOVIN  признался, как пытался бросить курить

Behind the scenes of the Christmas show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show on the evening of 31 December, the popular Ukrainian actor MELOVIN (Konstantin Bocharov) admitted that he is well familiar with the habit of Smoking, and told how he was trying to quit. By the way, MELOVIN made a surprising confession about the alcohol. According to the artist, he always brings from his native Odessa house wine, which his father does. And if Bocharov refused such a gift, “he dad would have refused”.

Smoking is one of the most common addictions in the world. Despite the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, many people are still not in a hurry to give up cigarettes. This habit is familiar and singer MELOVIN.

“I have, – said the musician in an interview with TV channel “Ukraine”. For me it is a shameful habit, because when people smoke, do not like to stand next to. Now I switched to the new technology of Smoking, understand that fewer cough.”

The actor says he tried to quit Smoking in various ways, but believes that it can be done, if he wants to.

“I only tried the pills and patches. Advised to drink yogurt or milk and after that to smoke. Normal went, for me it somehow didn’t work (laughs). All this garbage really is. All in your head. If you want to do it, do it. I think I will not do” – said MELOVIN.

We will remind, the festive show of the channel “Ukraine” MELOVIN will show very extreme room – the artist will burn in the fiery ring. The Director of the project was Herman Nenov. For each artist the project team has prepared a brilliant performance. Spectators waiting rooms with the use of modern multimedia technology, augmented reality, mass production with the participation of more than fifty people. Many of the rooms will be very risky and even dangerous. The production of the ambitious project has been the company Star Media.