MELOVIN openly spoke about his personal life

Popular Ukrainian singer, finalist of “Eurovision-2018” MELOVIN openly spoke about his personal life.

The actor admitted that he was offered a same-sex relationship for money.

MELOVIN откровенно рассказал о личной жизни

“Offered same-sex relations, which, thank God, I was not, and for so little money. But for me it’s such a principled stance. I am very cool treat “such people” (gay — approx. ed). Because that is real freedom. But when it want to sell for money. Do not hesitate to offer to write to you, for me it’s a shame,” said the singer in the program “Life vdoma people.”

Regarding personal life MELOVIN said that while he’s not Dating anyone, because of its publicity, it is difficult to find a loved one.

“It is very difficult to public person to start Dating, which can lead to kiss or to meet another,” — said in an interview with the artist.

In addition MELOVIN shared when he began his first relationship.

“It was a very long time. Seven years exactly. It was then first informed that kiss on the Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa. Was that hour of the night when I first kissed. But the kiss I did not like, because the reason is that it was not the same person. You don’t smell the body, not the hair, it’s not yours. And from that moment we never
saw,” admitted the singer.