MELOVIN told about the attitude to alcohol

Singer MELOVIN previously commented on the hit list of the most beautiful male individuals of 2019. The Ukrainian contractor was very self-critical. According to Konstantin Bocharova, he does not consider himself the most beautiful!

MELOVIN рассказал об отношении к алкоголю

After, we did a fun recognition of the artist. This time about his relationship to alcohol. MELOVIN (22) noted that cold enough to alcohol. While his father makes homemade wine. So, Bocharov behind the scenes of the concert “Music platform”, said, does the alcohol itself and which leaves the native of Odessa.

According to the artist, sometimes he allows himself to try something new:

“Just before the concert I was treated to sake. The taste of this drink is not strong, but I drank quite a bit. But the smell… like rags was polygonale” – shared MELOVIN behind the scenes “Music platform”.

In addition, the singer admitted that he prefers classic drinks:

“Can I have a glass of wine with the team or with parents. Generally prefer dry white wine, but my dad makes exclusively red. So when I’m home, I end up on the firing line – or white, or red. Of course, I bring with me from Odessa house wine – who would I be? Yes, I would the Pope refused!”.