Melvin accidentally found out that he was in the list of the most beautiful male individuals

MELOVIN (Konstantin Bocharov) hit the list of the most beautiful male persons 2019 – 100 Most Handsome Faces of the us version of the rating TC Candler.

Меловин случайно узнал, что попал в список самых красивых мужских лиц

At this moment still takes a vote whose result will be known only at the end of November 2019. Then it will be clear whose face is recognized “most beautiful”. According to Melvina, he did accidentally found out that he was in such a list and was quite surprised. Moreover, they’re his fans. About it the actor said backstage at the concert “Musical platform” on TV channel “Ukraine” (concert покажут12 October at 23:00).

By the way, MELOVIN for the second year in a row gets this rating! According to the singer, it is in principle for any titles is very easy.

“I learned that got a rating, from their fans, I do all of them recognize, and then the tabloids picked up the information. We had somehow not serious about it, didn’t understand that it’s cool, although I admit, to see your picture next to people like Robert Pattinson and Monica Bellucci – very nice – confessed MELOVIN.

Moreover, Bocharov admitted that he does not consider himself the most beautiful.

“I don’t consider myself the most beautiful, although my mom says I’m beautiful – if you say so, dad and mom tried!”.

According to the artist, more important achievements of the creative plan, and very soon he plans to surprise the audience even more.

“We are now preparing for the presentation of the album, which will be held in October. I trust my team, but I love to control the process. By the way, we have a piano that we make specially for the concert, very unusual and cool – that’s it exactly can be included in the TOP 100 pianos”.

The most beautiful male faces in version TC Candler from 2013 to 2018

Note that TC Candler has been rating among women. For example, in 2018, the most beautiful was recognized by the French model Tilan Blondo (18).

But the most handsome man was the actor, star of the Saga “Game of thrones” Jason Momoa (40).