Member of “AGON” Anton Shulepov repeated the legendary Michael Jackson dance

Member of “AGON” Anton Shulepov turned into the idol of her childhood on the set of the TV show “Shalena Star” on the New channel. He was opposed by Dasha Astafyeva, and with them their support team.

Участник группы «Агонь» Антон Савлепов повторил легендарный танец Майкла Джексона

In each round, the artists had to discover their talents, to win. One of the main competitions Anton turned into an idol of the childhood of Michael Jackson and reiterated legendary dance moonwalk Billie Jean.

Fans were delighted from the dancing of Anton, and showered him with compliments in social networks.

“I did not even realize that this is not Mike. Bravo!”, “Anton is the best and she is cool parody on Jackson. You’re superbly made, it is clear that preparing for the performance. I love you. Well done” “When you closed the face with his hat, it seemed that now would be a real Michael Jackson”, “the Way the figure and the plastic body is very similar to Jackson,” wrote fans.

The audience also appreciated the dance moonwalk Anton that helped the artist to win the show.