Member of the “Servants of the people” was embarrassing in the Parliament, answering the questions of the journalist

Депутат «Слуги народа» оконфузился в Раде, отвечая на вопросы журналистки

Ukrainian politicians, especially if they are inexperienced, it is not comfortable in the company of journalists. The section “Confusion in Parliament,” added another infopovod given by the representative of the party “servant of the people”.

In Facebook published a video in which Vladimir Tymofiychuk was in an uncomfortable position.

In the video the journalists of “Radio Svoboda” the MP asks quite simple questions, but he was unable to clearly answer them. It’s amazing how easily the girl brought the MP out of balance. The journalist just went to Timofeyuk to know why in order to run for Parliament he chose the party “servant of the people”, and asked what he was doing before he became a politician. Innocuous questions, however, forced the Deputy to stumble and to make mistakes.

The Deputy obviously embarrassed but managed to tell that was engaged in cultivation of agricultural crops at home, in the Kolomyia district. True, he misspoke, calling the first district Kolomoisky. And the question about how exactly he ended up in politics, and is confused by people’s Deputy, who hurried retreat in the direction of the session hall, for some reason apologizing to a journalist that helped the President of Ukraine.

This was followed by the question about what personal skills and personal qualities of Timofeyuk included in the lists of the party “servant of the people”. The MP, still trying to get away from the reporter, however, did not avoid answering, though, and threw it discontinuous phrase. “Professional… Agricultural… the Farmer I,” replied completely cornered the Deputy. Later he managed to get to the courtroom, where journalists are not allowed. However, Tymofiychuk promised her to meet up later to answer the remaining questions.