Members of the group of Baminton intrigued by the release of a new album

The song “Zaya” of the Ukrainian group of Baminton not heard, probably, only on other planets (but not exactly). The musicians even managed to conquer their creativity China, where only recently returned. Nastya and Zhenya hard to prove to fans that they aren’t one — hit wonders, and after his “Album of the year“, which was released in 2017, will release a new album.During a web conference on members of the group of Baminton told what fans can expect from their new album.

Участники группы Бамбинтон заинтриговали выходом нового альбома

“Our album is ready, it is cluttered with a large layer of fine hits and songs, it can be expected very soon. We’ll think about how we better do something to release the album, or to give new tracks, or record new tracks and release them. Or, for example, to release a track with some video. So very soon – we’re not, songs are written and they are really very good”-

promised the musicians.

Tentatively the album will contain 10 songsthat are ready, but it can be added a couple more tracks. By the way, no fitov on the disc, you won’t hear musicians say that they have a lot of their songs.

All songs Zhenya and Nastya write themselves, they do not work by reference. Now the main task of artists to get your material in which are mixed a lot of styles.

“We have rap, house, est chanson, is synth-pop and for us it is important to develop some own distinctive style in music, we want now to pull all these issues”-

said the band of Baminton.

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