Memorial day in the US: 5 interesting and little known facts

Many Americans consider memorial Day as an opportunity to relax, gather for a barbecue with friends or to plan a trip for the weekend — and usually what happens, although the latter two traditions can prevent the continued quarantine of coronavirus. But regardless of how to spend the day, it is important not to forget about its importance, writes Fox News.

День поминовения в США: 5 интересных и малоизвестных фактов

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The publication presents 5 interesting facts about which is worth considering on this day, remembering the men and women who died in the service of the United States.

Fact 1

Everyone knows that memorial Day is a day of remembrance, but Congress also determined the exact moment dedicated to the commemoration of the dead. National law passed in December 2000, encourages every citizen exactly at 15:00 local time to remember the men and women who died in the service of the United States. In addition to any Federal celebrations usually at this point, the end of baseball of the Higher League, and over the last few years Amtrak engineers began to include signals in unison at exactly this moment.

Fact 2

According to the Department of veterans Affairs of the United States, memorial Day is celebrated at the end of may, because at this time throughout the country, the flowers bloom. Union General John Logan after participating in the Mexican-American war and the civil war has proposed to Congress to establish may 30 as a day of remembrance for the fallen in the wars (the precursor of memorial Day) to allow citizens to decorate the graves of deceased veterans fresh flowers (portal also notes that the Union has set that date because it was not the anniversary of any significant battles).

Fact 3

Parade of Ironton-Lawrence in honor of memorial Day, in Ironton, Ohio, is recognized as the oldest annual parade of remembrance Day in the country, which began in 1868, and repeated every year without interruption. However, the oldest (and first) parade of its kind in the United States was conducted a year earlier in Doylestown, Pennsylvania (it’s also worth noting that as the organizers of the National day parade in honor of memorial Day in Washington, DC and parade Little of Douglaston in Queens, new York, believe their event is the largest in the country).

Fact 4

Taps — bugle signals for military funerals and also at the annual wreath-laying ceremony on memorial Day at the tomb of the Unknown soldier, in fact, was adapted from a very specific horn sounds during the civil war, known as the Scott Tattoo which was used before the cancellation of signal lights. New tune later became the preferred accompaniment at military funerals after captain John Tidball of the Union Army ordered quietly to play these sounds at the funeral of one of the soldiers, fearing that the traditional three volley salute from rifles will alert nearby troops of the Confederation about their location.

Fact 5

For the first time in 20 years, the American automobile Association (AAA) decided not to publish the “weather travel” on memorial Day in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus, which “undermined” the accuracy of the annual report, according to AAA. However, the organization predicted that the trends of travel in 2020 will be a record low.

“Last year, 43 million Americans traveled for the weekend to memorial Day — the second highest figure in the history of travel since AAA began tracking said Paula Twidale, senior Vice President of AAA Travel. — Despite the fact that the recommendations for social distancing still apply, the volume of trips in this holiday weekend will probably be a record low.”


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