Mercedes-Benz will present a new ESF

Mercedes-Benz представит новый ESF

Mercedes-Benz will present its new concept of ESF 2019, in Frankfurt-on-main as the latest in a long line of experimental cars in the framework of the ongoing project development of advanced safety technologies.

Based on the still not launched in the sale of gasoline-electric GLE, a research project 2019 ESF acts as a demonstration prototype for new and improved security features that Mercedes plans to introduce in its future models.

Among the innovations of the project — those German car manufacturer calls “immediate projects” and developments that “looking to the future.”

The concept car 2019 ESF received a new integrated environment for the driver, which includes a retractable steering wheel and pedal unit, as well as ideas for new installations airbags.

SUV with autopilot fourth generation grew in size, got a new engine and advanced suspension technology that extends its capabilities both on the road and on the track.

“The big advantage of automation of driving functions is that in the future, fewer mistakes will be caused by the reaction of the driver. However, fully automated driverless cars also face physical limitations, and undoubtedly for many years be a mixed transport, consisting of automatic and non-it systems” — said in a press release.

Updates the existing seat belt pre-tensioners Pre-Safe engineers also equipped the ESF system Pre-Safe Curve, which warns the driver of too high entry speeds into corners by lightly tightening the seat belt. New feature Pre-Safe Child prevents the tension of the seatbelt and inflates the elements of impact protection around the child seat before the collision, reducing the loads acting on the child. This new feature also allows you to control the installation of the child seat.

Potentially life-saving innovation is the new Pre-Safe Impulse Rear. He is in control when another vehicle is approaching from behind, and can autonomously move the ESF forward, 2019, upon detection of a potential risk of collision provided that there’s room.