Message to people who threaten politicians

Message to people who threaten politicians


Today I'd like to talk to those who have a big blue vein in their forehead. 

Guys and girls who are always on the edge on their channel and keep yelling at politicians. 

Can you stop yelping, two minutes, and look around?


We are in Canada, here.

Not in Syria. In North Korea. In China. In Belarus. In Somalia. Or in Turkmenistan. 

Do you know how many people would like to switch places with you?


We are in paradise. One of the best places to live in the world.

In terms of GDP per capita, life expectancy, social safety net, absence of corruption, health , security.

And, yes, freedom.

Your sacrosanct freedom.

Can you calm down, two seconds , and mop up the foam that comes out of your mouth in torrents?

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Is everything perfect in Quebec?

Of course not.

Personally, I would like our language is better protected and that Quebec becomes a country. 

But there is nothing that cannot be settled democratically.

The problem is is that democracy, you don't care. When it's time to vote, you'd rather go buy another bag of Doritos than head to the polling station. 

“It doesn't matter, they're all crossers…”

What a great excuse to sit on your ass.

And come on, hop, another email from 'insult. And another sip of beer.

If everyone was as bad as you, we wouldn't have had employment insurance in 1940, the Labor Code in 1964, health insurance in 1969, nor medical assistance in dying in 2020.

Message to people who threaten politicians

Message to people who threaten politicians


Here, I want to tell you about a masterful novel that I have just read: Professor of Desire (The Professor of Desire) by Philipe Roth. 

A book about gender relations.

What does this have to do with politics?

Follow me. 

This is the story of a guy who is always attracted to hysterical, complicated women, and who always finds himself in intense, feverish, tormented love affairs.&nbsp ;

And then, one day, he meets an “extraordinarily ordinary” woman, as he puts it. 

A trippy woman. Funny. Gentle. Balanced.

At first, he finds her flat. He misses his previous life, which was like a roller coaster ride. 

And then he realizes that this is happiness. It is quiet. It's crystal clear. No highs too high or lows too low. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because you remind me of the hero of Roth's book. 

Democracy is the most beautiful of systems, but you are incapable of realizing it. 

You find it boring. Routine. It takes time, in a democracy, to change things, it's a long-term job, you have to show abnegation, patience. 

You prefer revolutions, crises, riots. Play the hero.

It's so much more trippy!

In that sense, you're like Roth's character.

Immature. Infantile. And condemned to go around in circles without ever accomplishing anything.  

 Message to people who threaten politicians