Messed up your karma: homewrecker Lady Gaga has been abandoned

33-year-old Lady Gaga, which is blamed for the wreck of the relationship Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, are accustomed to March through life as a winner, leaving a trail of broken male hearts. But she recently found themselves in an unusual role — a woman abandoned by her lover.

Испортила себе карму: разлучница Леди Гага оказалась в роли брошенной

That Gaga and Horton are not together, everyone found out after the singer issued a joint photo with his girlfriend on her hen night and signed it: “a Woman who will soon be married and lonely Lady.” Initially when I became aware of that Roman singer and Dan Horton, suddenly ceased all thought, of course, is that Gaga dumped her boyfriend. Because of their “weight class” seemed to be not comparable: she is a worldwide star and well-known Heartbreaker. And he is just a humble sound engineer and, besides, it can hardly be called handsome. But as it turned out, it was not so: it turned out that Dan left her.

Hinted at it himself Horton, saying that he suddenly decided to return home to Los Angeles, leaving the singer in Las Vegas, where they actually lived together. As confirmed by witnesses in Vegas between the lovers had a quarrel. After that Dan apparently decided that enough is enough. As Horton confessed to one of his friends, he had no idea that Gaga is just using him to attract attention to his person with their affair, which she flaunted…

Incidentally, the departure of Horton not just ruined Gaga mood. He could damage her professional activities, after all, Dan was responsible for providing sound at her concerts in Las Vegas. This was reported by the English edition of the Globe.