Messi and Ronaldo did not get in the top 5 best athletes of the XXI century

Месси и Роналду не попали в топ-5 лучших спортсменов XXI века

Michael Phelps

Authoritative Spanish newspaper Marca has published a list of hundreds of the best athletes of this century.

The best was recognized as 23-time Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps. 34-year-old American ahead of 8-time Olympic champion and multiple world champion in sprinting Usain Bolt, and the top three rounded out the 20-time winner of the tournament series “Grand slam” in singles Roger Federer.

It is worth noting that in the top-5 leaders, there was no space for two living legends of football: captain of “Barcelona” and Argentina Lionel Messi and the striker of Juventus and the national team of Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo, who took 7th and 10th place respectively.

Top 10 best athletes of the XXI century.

  1. Michael Phelps (USA, swimming)
  2. Usain Bolt (Jamaica running)
  3. Roger Federer (Switzerland, tennis)
  4. Rafael Nadal (Spain, tennis)
  5. Kobe Bryant (USA, basketball)
  6. Tiger woods, USA (Golf)
  7. Lionel Messi (Argentina, football)
  8. Lewis Hamilton (UK, motor racing)
  9. Valentino Rossi (Italy, motor racing)
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, soccer).