Messi delivered an ultimatum to the leadership of “Barcelona” about Neymar

Месси поставил ультиматум руководству "Барселоны" насчет Неймара

Lionel Messi

Despite the fact that Barcelona tops the Spanish League and successfully continues to participate in the Champions League, the team captain Lionel Messi is unhappy with the current state of Affairs.

The striker has threatened to leave the club, if in the summer Barca will not return of Brazilian striker “Paris Saint-Germain” Neymar, according to El Models.

In addition, Messi dissatisfied with the resignation of Ernesto Valverde and can take advantage of a clause in the contract that allows him to leave at the end of the season.

Barcelona wants to extend the contract with Messi, but the club obviously will have to solve at least the issue with the return of Neymar.