Messi spoke about his injury, which he’s already missed 1 month

Месси рассказал про свою травму, из-за которой он уже пропустил 1 месяц

Lionel Messi

The captain of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi told about the recovery after injury of the gastrocnemius muscle, due to which he missed the three first round of the championship of Spain.

His participation in the first meeting of the group stage of the Champions League is also in question.

“I feel better already. It’s a nasty injury. I got it on the first workout – quotes Messi – After 15 days I thought I was recovered. However, in training before the game, “betacom” things got worse. As a result, I was out for a longer period of time and can’t go back so far.

According to doctors, the injury is very unpleasant and even treacherous. Such at me yet was not. But now I know what it is. I am calm and will return only when we realize that there is no risk. Recovery from the relapse will take longer,” said Leo.

“I look forward to returning. While I train alone. There’s no set timeline. With Valencia (in the 4th round of La Liga, approx. I will not play for sure. Let’s see if we can get back to the matches against Borussia Dortmund (UEFA Champions League next week – approx. and the Granada.