Metro between the stations and the St Lawrence. Clair today is working again (PHOTO)

Метро между станциями Lawrence и St. Clair с сегодняшнего дня снова работает (ФОТО)

Metro on the Line 1 between the stations and the St Lawrence. Clair working again after it due to construction works had damaged the wall of the tunnel.

Transportation Commission, Toronto (TTC) initially closed this area, when the damage was discovered on Tuesday afternoon before the start of rush hour and then partially opened it in a few hours. And just today, the movement and the work was fully restored.

During the renovation of the train, heading North, moving at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour between these two stations. Trains going South, meanwhile, was moving with the usual speed, and Shuttle buses also helped with the influx of passengers.

Then at the TTC said it will close the Line 1 between the stations and the St Lawrence. Clair for emergency repairs at 11:30pm. And after the game Toronto Raptors passengers were difficult to reach. Representative TTC Stuart green wrote in his Twitter account: “Sorry, fans of the Raptors. But safety first”.

Engineers inspected the tunnel to determine whether it caused any structural damage, and crews were ready to patch the hole, added green.

Damage believed to have been struck between the Lawrence and Eglinton stations after a private contractor drilled concrete subway tunnel.