Metrolinx plans significant changes for the UP Express (PHOTOS)

Метролинкс планирует значительные изменения для UP Express (ФОТО)

Guide Metrolinx is currently considering making major changes in respect of Union Pearson Express, including the location of the platform at Union Station and use the route GO train.

Provincial transport Agency confirmed Wednesday that they are studying the possibility of introducing a number of changes to the operation of the line, anticipating that continued growth in passenger traffic will lead to the fact that it will reach the ceiling of their capacity by 2028.

According to the Toronto Star article, the content of which was confirmed by the representative of Metrolinx, the changes include the rejection by specialized Express trains in favor of those same trains GO, what Metrolinx plans to operate the rest of the transit network GO.

This maneuver also allow Metrolinx to provide services on transportation of passengers at Pearson international airport on GO lines, Lakeshore East and Stouffville. The transport Agency will also be able to double the hourly number of trains serving the airport, from four to eight, although some routes will provide additional stops, which will increase the time required for passengers to reach the airport.

However, these changes can eventually lead to a drastic change of the vector of the service, which was launched just four years ago and a cost of 456 million dollars.

The article Toronto Star, which is passed the contents of the 36-page official document GO Transit planning (Planning of the transport network), it appears that Metrolinx intends to use the Union Pearson Express under the “merge services” to include this line in the GO Transit system that represents a significant departure from the bells and whistles, originally conceived liberal government. To service this line had a special train equipped with Wi-Fi and staffed in uniform, stylized retro.

The article Toronto Star reported that Metrolinx has developed a project to change the location of the Union Pearson Express platform in order to meet the increase in traffic that is expected at Union Station as part of a planned increase in the frequency of GO trains, starting from 2025, which will coincide with the introduction of electric trains. The document States that this will require the construction of a new pedestrian bridge and associated infrastructure worth at least $ 77.4 million.

Metrolinx said on Wednesday that the potential changes outlined in the article, will be implemented soon, and are only part of advanced planning.

It is also unclear at what stage of planning are the proposed changes.

After the launch of the Union Pearson Express passenger traffic was lower than expected, but increased exponentially after the province took the decision to lower fares a few months after its commissioning. Now the line serves about 3.5 million people a year.