Metrolinx plans to install a new pedestrian bridge in Liberty Village (PHOTO)

Metrolinx планирует установить новый пешеходный мост в  Liberty Village (ФОТО)

This weekend in Liberty Village will install a new pedestrian bridge, which, according to the provincial transport Agency, will provide direct access to the Exhibition GO station.

A representative of Metrolinx announced that a pedestrian bridge King-Liberty will reach 55 meters from Douro St. Western Battery Road, over the railway Kitchener / Milton.

Unlike other bridges, according to the Agency, this “need to combine two large span in the air with cranes, then fix them with bolts to install in place”.

“Engineering is a dance performed in the air.”

To install, closes the Metrolinx rail corridor on Sunday from 2: 00 to 8: 30 am

The closure will affect passengers UP-Express.

In Metrolinx has promised that at the time of closing UP instead of Express the buses will go GO.

The first bus will depart from Union Station at 5: 05 am and from Pearson at 5: 37 a.m. Sunday.

Buses will run every 20 minutes until the resumption of train traffic at 8: 30 in the morning. During this time buses will not stop at Weston or Bloor stations.

The Agency asks clients to pay attention to it when planning trips and to allow extra journey time.

“After the completion of the pedestrian bridge King-Liberty will serve as the essential connective element between Atlantic Ave. and Strachan Ave.”, said Metrolinx.

The opening of the bridge scheduled in the spring of 2020.