Metrolinx reduces the minimum balance of the PRESTO card to “Nickel” (PHOTO)

Metrolinx сокращает минимальный баланс PRESTO-карт до «никеля»  (ФОТО)

Passengers will soon be able to use the new PRESTO card with a balance of only five cents but for the map they still have to pay $ 6.

Agency Metrolinx said in his blog about reducing the minimum amount that should be on the map, PRESTO, from 10 dollars to 5 cents.

The change will mean that instead of the previous low at $16, is required when buying a new card, passengers will now be able to do it for $ 6.05.

The change will be particularly interesting for parents of children under the age of 12 years who previously had to purchase a PRESTO card and load $ 10 to their children could then benefit from free public transport.

“We know that the requirement of a minimum amount in the account is causing concern among our customers, who see it as a barrier to transition to PRESTO, said Executive Vice President, PRESTO mobile Annalise (Annalise Czerny) in his blog. – By making this first step by reducing this amount to 5 cents in points of customer service, we hope that more potential customers will be able to take this opportunity to discover the many benefits of the card, whether it is automatic recharge when run out of money in the account, or the protection of the balance of lost or stolen cards”.

A representative of Metrolinx stated that the requirement for a minimum balance of five cents will affect cards purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart and other points non-automated sale, including GO-customer service centers, and this change will take effect from 28 Oct.

The representative of the transport Agency reported that in the future this will also apply to the self-service machines and online transactions that will happen “in the near future after testing and implementing additional software changes”.

In posts on his blog mobile explained that Metrolinx would prefer to completely eliminate the requirement of a minimum amount in the account, but couldn’t do it without costly technical modifications.

TTS plans to phase out tokens in favor of Presto by the end of 2019.

The transport Agency had discontinued the issuance of paper travel documents in early 2019.