Mexican jeweler Eduardo Cruz for 15 years, bought at auctions and markets more than 50 Soviet awards of WWII and returned them to Russia (PHOTO)

Мексиканский ювелир Эдуардо Круз за 15 лет выкупил на аукционах и рынках более 50 советских наград времен ВОВ и вернул их в РФ (ФОТО)

Russia’s Ambassador in Mexico, Victor koronelli awarded on Friday, 1 November, on the proposal of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu medal “in memory of the heroes of the Fatherland” Mexican for 15 years with a team of like-minded people looking for and buying at auctions and flea markets for Soviet orders and medals during the great Patriotic war, looking for owners or relatives and return awards in Russia.

Eduardo Cruz works in Guadalajara jeweler. For 15 years, Eduardo buys Soviet awards flowed to the West and, settling on the personal award of its former owner, finds a family of a Soviet soldier, restoring the lost reward. For this Mexican created the organization “Eternal flame”, which are totally free of several dozen citizens of Mexico. In this work crews help two Russian organizations – the historical and cultural center with Knorozov RSUH, public organization “Vympel”.

When finding dead relatives can’t, Cruz reports awards of the Russian military Museum or the Embassy, from where they are transmitted to the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. With the help of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Cruz has already returned to Russia 16 medals, which were in families and museums.

Cruz has already handed over more than 50 awards (LIST) since the great Patriotic war and military relics, including the order of Glory and the red star, order books, medals and badges of military personnel. Soon the building RGGU in Nikolsky street in Moscow will be established a multimedia centre dedicated to the Russian humanitarian thought, where one of the halls will be the hall of memory. There will be placed all the medals and decorations found Eduardo Cruz, but have not found the owners and family.

As mentioned earlier, manual, about Eduardo Cruz in Russia became widely known about two years ago, when the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (CMS) came in a small package, pereproshivka all employees.

Bombs from Mexico turned out to be two orders of red star and the letter in which he reported that the jeweler is far from Guadalajara, Eduardo Cruz Mercado was transferred to the Museum in the gift of the order “red star” N3442176, the order “red star” N3218565, photo major artillery the artillery commander Fyodor M. Melnichenko, and copies of military documents. The awards were in perfect condition.

Mexican jeweler Eduardo Cruz usually finds Soviet awards on the Internet auctions. “I have no motivation of material gain. Our goal is to have the courage and achievements of these Russian heroes was preserved in memory,” says Eduardo. On the pages in “Vkontakte” and Instagram it has gained hundreds of Russian friends, admiring his work.

Together with them, he bit by bit looking for information about owners discovered awards and quotes from the movie “Officers”: “From the heroes of yore did not have much names…” In solidarity with them, he deploys the flag “Immortal regiment” on the streets of his native Guadalajara.

“I have always been interested in the history of Russia, – said Eduardo KP. – I find rewards through online auctions and at flea markets on the border between Mexico and the United States. Although it sounds unusual, but there you can find a lot of Soviet awards, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Americans began actively collecting medals and orders as a “trophy” in the “cold war”. Many of these collectors then retired and began to go for a vacation to Mexico or even moved to us. So awards and appeared on our market.”

“Most of the Mexicans that sell medals and awards, know practically nothing about the history of Russia. For example, many believe the order of the Patriotic war badges “Communist sheriffs”, similar to those worn by early Texas Rangers and police.

One of the stories associated with the found reward, the most memorable Eduardo Cruz.

“A few years ago we bought the order of the red Star in the pawn shop in the city of Granada in Nicaragua. After a long search found in Managua, the Russian woman who during the civil war in that country lost my parents when I was a kid. She was very poor and she had to sell awards to parents to buy some food. For many years she worried that his act and was delighted when I learned that we can bring him back. A few days after the return of the awards the woman sent me a gift – a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov “the White guard” in Spanish, where the marker highlighted the quote: “Everything will pass. The suffering, the pain, blood, hunger and pestilence. The sword will disappear, but the stars will remain when even the shadows of our bodies and Affairs will not remain on earth. There is no person who would not know this. So why we don’t want to look at them? Why?”

Says Eduardo, for him each saved award – “the triumph of such values as justice, compassion, and honesty before the face of time and against all odds”, “no matter what circumstances you find yourself in life, the light of these values will always Shine, as Bulgakov wrote, “and when the shadows of our bodies and Affairs will not remain on earth.”

A Mexican in his challenging quest rewards and their owners help many people not only in Russia but also Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Israel, Nicaragua, United States, Ukraine.

“My goal is to protect the legacy of the heroes of the great Patriotic war. For us the sacred memory of each of these characters lives through their stories. Unfortunately, because of the greed of some people many of these stories will never be told. Is it possible to put a price on the sacred memory of the Russian hero? That will answer the heavenly court, all those who have betrayed their ancestors for a few coins?”, he says.

The list of awards and awardees

This is not a complete list of orders, medals, commemorative books of the heroes of the great Patriotic war, found Eduardo Cruz and returned to Russia to the relatives of the victims.

The order “red Star” N3564717, a decorated hero of the great Patriotic war Davydenko Nikolay Petrovich.

The order “red star” N3442176.

The Order “Red Star” N3445094.

Order of the Patriotic war N915375.

The order of Glory III degree N729521.

The order “red star” N3218565, a decorated artillery commander Fyodor M. Melnichenko.

The order “red star” N1070810 and the medal “For military merit” N1044103, award N057179 owned Starchak Pavel Petrovich.

The order “red Star” N2272768, which was awarded Donets Alexander Grigoryevich.

The order “red Star” N378906, which was awarded Lipnickas Jonas of Wincewicz.

The medal “For Courage” N2517535, which was awarded rubel Ivan Petrovich.

Order of the Patriotic war N915375, which was awarded posthumously Boyko Danil Ivanovich.

The order “red Star” N3445094, which was awarded Shishanov Alexander.

The order “red Star” N3456439″, the Medal “For military merit” and the award N657712, which were awarded to Alexander Pavlovich Bondarenko.

Medal “For military merit” N98704, awarded Sergeant Winds Vasily Nikitovich, commander of the liaison office of the 45 battalion, 32 infantry regiment 19th infantry division (5th army of the Western front).

Order of the Patriotic war I degree N869922, which was awarded the Alexander V. Smirnov.

The medal “For courage” N1873268 awarded Novikov Ivan Antonovich, soldier, gun gunner 482 fighter antitank artillery regiment 33 artbrigady. In 1944, during the battle knocked out of their weapons 4 enemy vehicles with infantry and ammunition, destroyed 2 gun emplacements of the enemy until the platoon of German infantry.

The medal “For courage” N328759 awarded yevdokim Liashenko Nikiforovich, in July 1943 when the Soviet troops crossing the river North Donets soldier Lyashenko E. N., acting on the orders of commanders, under heavy fire of artillery, mortars and machine guns of the enemy showed courage and composure in the timely establishment of the crossing.

The order “red Star” N2860182, awarded Addin Mikhail Yakovlevich.

The medal “For courage” N776924, which was awarded the Communicator of the Panfilov division Filippov, Mikhail Vasilyevich.