Mexico: eight dead in an outbreak of violence in Ciudad Juárez

Mexico: Eight dead in outbreak of violence in Ciudad Juárez


Eight people were killed Thursday in Ciudad Juárez, a major city in Mexico on the border with the United States, in a series of violent events, authorities and witnesses reported. 

Two people were killed during a riot in the prison of this city on the edge of the Rio Bravo, which marks the border with the United States, said the office of the attorney of the State of Chihuahua. 

Four people were also injured in this mutiny attributed by local media, like the two subsequent attacks, to the Sinaloa cartel of former drug lord Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán, who is serving a prison sentence in life in the United States.

Two women were then killed in the attack on a grocery store, which also left one injured. The shop and two other premises were set on fire. 

Finally, in the evening, armed men killed four employees of a local radio station who were carrying out promotional activities in front of a pizzeria and were identified by a colleague who came to the scene, noted an AFP collaborator on the spot. 

“I deeply regret the loss of life in this horrific event against Ciudad Juárez,” Chihuahua Governor Maru Campos said on Twitter, indicating that federal and state authorities had deployed a operation in the city of 1.5 million people to restore order.

Some neighborhoods in Ciudad Juárez were deserted on Thursday and universities suspended classes on Friday while the business community demanded government of strong measures against organized crime.

These events occurred two days after an outbreak of violence in the states of Jalisco (west) and Guanajuato (center), attributed by the government to the cartel of Jalisco — News Generation (CJNG), one of the most powerful in the country.