Michael Cohan claims to be the best young athlete in the world

Михаил Кохан претендует на звание лучшего молодого легкоатлета мира

Michael Cohan

Ukrainian hammer thrower Michael Cohan were among the five finalists in the category “Rising star” among the world’s athletes at the end of 2019.

Reported by the international Association of athletics federations IАAF.

In addition to Ukrainian Kohana for a reward claim Ethiopian Selemon Baraga, Brazilian Alison DOS Santos, Ethiopia Girma Lamech and Norwegian Jacob Ingebrigtsen.

In 2019, 18-year-old Cohan was 5th at the world championship, breaking the world Junior record (84,73 m). For the year Kohan also among the five contenders in the category “Rising star” among European athletes.

The winner will be announced during the award ceremony of the World Athletics Awards on 23 November in Monaco.

Yesterday it was reported that 18-year-old Ukrainian high jumper Yaroslav Maguchy claim to be the best young athletes the world by the end of 2019.