Michael Kuchuk commented on his departure from the show “Dances with stars z 2019”

Sunday, October 13, during the eighth air “Tancu z with stars 2019” , the show left actor Michael Kukuk. Prior to this, the audience regularly wondered why it took so long to expel from the show and has even been dubbed “Dmitry Komarov” (that he got more judges “Tanzu s with a stars” in 2017).

Михаил Кукуюк прокомментировал свой уход из шоу «Танці з зірками 2019»

About how Sam Michael Kukuk appreciates his dancing, as he prepared to esters and feels after leaving the project the actor said in an interview with “Facts.”

“In any project, fighting the desire to quit and the need to bring the case to the end. Just, if you got into this “tin”, we must be prepared to survive between two fires. Honestly, I never wanted to leave the show. Moreover, at the rehearsal I didn’t walk, but run. Another thing is the dance of “survival”. I didn’t want him again after hearing the dissatisfaction of the judges. Enough, not interesting”-

the actor explained his refusal to dance the dance of “survival” in 8 the air.

At the same time, according to Michael Kukulka, he was not offended by the judges criticized his dancing.

“Yes I was offended! True. Judges, participants, audience members are all part of the big show. Just the first words of the judges in my address gave a clear direction to all the other comments — I don’t remember our dance once praised. But despite this, I lasted eight esters. Yes, I krasava!”-

said the actor.

“Freedom! Freedom!” these were the first thoughts of Michael Kukulka after he left “Dances with stars z 2019”.

The most difficult moment in “Tancah z with stars 2019” Michael Kukulka was that he did not meet the level of his partner-professionals Elizaveta Druzhinina.

“This project for me was a few difficult moments. Main — match partner Lisa Druzhinina, who dances with professional dancer, giving at the same full. And you, in the best of their ability, within a couple days of rehearsal must also be good. The second point was the fact that I came from a slightly different world, so “pop cross-dressing” was a little difficult”-

he added.

We offer you to remember how Michael Kukuk and Elizaveta Druzhinina danced the Rumba in 8 live “Tancu z with stars 2019”: