Michael Schumacher is secretly brought to Paris (photos)

Михаэля Шумахера тайно доставили в Париж (фото)

Legendary racing driver, seven-time world champion of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher was urgently hospitalized in the clinic of the Georges Pompidou in the South-West of Paris, reports French newspaper Le Parisien.

It is noted that the 50-year-old German was taken to the division of cardiovascular surgery in the ambulance with the Swiss offer. Voyage sports legends to the hospital were carefully classified, and the famous riders on a stretcher closed special blue-black cover to hide his body and face.

Михаэля Шумахера тайно доставили в Париж (фото)

On this “first” with the Swiss room Schumacher was taken to the hospital Georges-Pompidou

According to sources, Schumacher was accompanied by a group of 10 doctors, among whom was the famous surgeon, cardiologist, specialist in the treatment of heart failure, Professor Phillip Menashe. Presumably, Michael Schumacher was taken to the clinic to start the stem cell treatment.

Accompanying the doctor declined to comment, citing patient confidentiality, but reporters Le Parisien was talking to one of the nurses. She literally said the following:“Yes, he’s under my care. And I can assure you that he really is in the mind.”

Recall that the driver received a severe head injury during a ski resort in the Alps in December 2013. The injury was so severe that Schumacher was paralysed and no longer recognize their loved ones, to walk and talk. According to unofficial information, the treatment of the Michael family had already spent over 16 million euros.

By the way, on 5 December the car will be released documentary “Schumacher”, filmed for the 50th anniversary of the legendary racer and the 25th anniversary of his first world title.


Photo Getty Images, LP

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