Michelle Pfeiffer gave an unexpected Council new Woman-cat

Michelle Pfeiffer, who played Catwoman in “Batman returns” in 1992, gave unexpected advice to his successor Zoe Kravitz, where the role went in the new film about the superhero.

Мишель Пфайфер дала неожиданный совет новой Женщине-кошке

This told the publication Entertainment Weekly.

Be sure to make sure the designers during the creation of your costume provided, how are you going to go to the toilet, — said the actress, adding that it is pleased with the appointment of Zoe for this role.

Host of the show Good Morning America broadcast that conversation, I was surprised, but appreciated the offer.

In 2013, Christian bale recommended that the same Ben Affleck an, when it was approved for the role in the film “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”, and more recently Robert Pattinson, who have yet to play a superhero.

Recently it became known that in a solo Batman movie, which is planned for 2021, will be a 30-year-old Zoe Kravitz.

The actress got the role of cat-Woman, or Catwoman, deservedly occupies one of the first places among the most popular characters of the comics.