Microsoft closes the Windows 7 support: what to do

The company is tomorrow, January 14, will stop releasing security updates for the legacy of “seven”. Users were faced with a difficult choice, writes

Microsoft закрывает поддержку Windows 7: что делать

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Support Windows 7 closed in 2015, but the system still receives updates, but not as often as before. On January 14, Microsoft completely covers the support system she will no longer receive updates and security patches, even if you find a critical vulnerability.

With the closure of the support of “seven” becomes less secure in the future the developers will not do anything with these issues. Microsoft tries to convince users of older Windows to update to the latest “ten”. For example, a recent update added a notification that will be displayed on the entire screen with the text “your PC with Windows 7 is no longer supported”.

What to do

Users of Windows 7 there are only three ways. The easiest is to do nothing and continue to use an outdated system without support. If the computer with the “seven” is only needed for simple tasks like social networking or watching movies, it is not threatened by anything terrible. But it is better for such not to store important documents or pictures and still need to be careful on the Internet.

For serious work, Windows 7 is better not to use it. Many applications from third-party developers may no longer run on this computer, and it is unsafe. But some unpopular program, by contrast, work only with “seven” and do not run on new systems. In this case you need to take additional measures — often to make backups of data to external media or to the cloud, and no harm will install antivirus.

The second option is to upgrade to Windows 10. Officially, the installation of “dozens” was only free for the first year after release, but still many users are able to upgrade for free. To do this, go to the official website of Microsoft, download the Media Creation Tool and follow the instructions.

The most expensive option available to users of Windows 7 Professional — they will be able to pay Microsoft for extending the support. For example, the first year is $50, second $100 and third — $200. The owners of the enterprise edition of Windows 7 Enterprise will get a year of additional support for free, and for each subsequent year will have to pay. Therefore, Microsoft will support the system until 2023.