Mid-term elections: reasons to be concerned

Émidterm elections: reasons to be concerned


There is good reason to fear that the upcoming November 8 election in the United States will signal the swan song of electoral democracy.

As the revealed the Congressional Commission on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump and his supporters did indeed attempt to hijack the will of the American electorate after the 2020 election.

For the former president and his cultists, it was only a postponement. On the eve of the midterm elections, many of the safeguards that kept democracy from derailing in 2020 are under serious threat, which bodes ill for 2024.

Election denial


The Trumpist game plan was clear: it was necessary to maintain suspicions about the electoral process and manipulate the electoral institutions to guarantee Donald Trump and his party the stranglehold on power.

Although many Republicans condemned Trump's coup attempt shortly after January 6, 2021, their voices died down afterward. Today, a clear majority of Republican voters buy into the falsehoods peddled by Trump that the 2020 election was fraudulent. (Reminder: That's wrong, Trump knows it and he has no evidence of major fraud.) According to FiveThirtyEight.com, out of 552 Republican candidates running for Representatives, Senators, Governors, Secretaries of state or “attorney general”, 200 completely deny the legitimacy of the 2020 results, 61 seriously question them and 122 refuse to comment.

Posts strategies

Among these Holocaust deniers are several candidates for key positions who have a good chance of being elected in the key states that will determine the winner of the presidential election in 2024. These elected officials could arbitrarily disqualify thousands of voters or refuse to count their votes, thus opening the door to a return of Trump to the White House.

This is particularly true in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, where many Holocaust deniers have a good chance of winning. For example, in Arizona, a key state in 2020, Republican nominee for Secretary of State Mark Finchem has openly promised to use every means at the disposal of the chief election administration official to facilitate Republican victories.

Real risks

These highly visible candidates are not the only ones threatening the integrity of the electoral process. A slew of local election supervisors are also gearing up to make it harder for Democratic voters to get to the polls and challenge the validity of their votes.

Intimidation will be used to discourage “undesirable” voters. or we will systematically challenge the validity of the votes of those who have dared to challenge this intimidation. In some states, notably Florida, criminal charges of voter fraud are multiplied so that citizens uncertain of their voter status simply give up voting.

In short, the dangers that await American democracy are real . Even so, even if Republicans openly display their contempt for Democratic values ​​and even if they seek to eliminate the uncertainty of the 2024 results, there is a strong possibility that they will make major electoral gains in November. What do you want, it's expensive to fill up a big car…

Émid-term elections: reasons to be concerned