Middle Eastern investors intend to buy Italian superclub

Ближневосточные инвесторы намерены купить итальянский суперклуб


The ruling family of Qatar al-Thani can buy “Napoli” for 560 million euros, reports Daily Mail.

The Azzurri President Aurelio de Laurentiis has already received an offer on the sale of the club, says the publication.

Note, de Laurentiis became the owner of “Napoli” in 2004 and for 3 years led the club from the Series With in Series A.

To the solution of the de Laurentiis to accept the offer of middle Eastern investors could push the conflict situation, which today has arisen between the owner of the club and the players and fans.

The latter are unhappy that the President owns another club “Bari” (Series C) and, for this reason, not paying enough attention and, most importantly, funds to the club Napoli.

The players are also unhappy about a decision de Laurentiis, who, after the unfortunate performances of the team even attempted to lock up players on the training database.

This decision of the President of the club was viewed negatively the head coach Carlo Ancelotti, head over to which is also “listed” sword master.

After 12 rounds of Serie A, Napoli is unusually low 7th place in the standings, behind leaders Juventus at the top to 13 points.