“Midnights”: the new successful turn of Taylor Swift

«Midnights”: Taylor Swift”s successful new turn


Being candid about her flaws and vulnerable like she may never have been, Taylor Swift just gave birth to Midnights his most mature album. However, you will have to do your part to reap all the benefits.

On the music planet, there is now Taylor Swift and the others. 

The launch of each new creation by the 32-year-old idol, in especially since she surprised everyone by successfully operating an indie folk turn on Folklore, in 2020, becoming the event of the season. 

Midnightswas no exception. Since announcing the upcoming arrival of her 10th album on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28, every single Swift social media post has been scrutinized by fans looking for coded messages about her. the meaning of its 13 (the return of its favorite number) titles. 

The music press is not left out. From the first hours of its release, at midnight on Thursday night to Friday, Midnightswas dissected in all its folds and extolled. 

Then, at three o'clock in the morning, the intriguing Taylor released on the internet a deluxe version including seven additional titles, nothing less.< /p>

Dark pop

So what about it? Although she nods to her folk interlude of Folklore and Evermore in the song Sweet Nothing, Midnightsmarks Taylor Swift's return to pop, but in a darker sound envelope flirting with electro, house and trap, created with four hands with her longtime accomplice, Jack Antonoff. 

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Midnights< /em> is a seamless album that needs to be tamed. There are no pop fireworks like Shake It Off, not a soothing ballad that shoots right in the heart like Cardigan

It's on repeat listening that its treasures are revealed, starting with Vigilante Shit, a haunting tale of revenge (the targets would be his recurring enemies Scooter Braun and Kanye West) whose minimalist rhythm and anxiety-inducing climate recall Billie Eilish's offer. 

The vaporous duet Snow On The Beach, with Lana Del Rey, as well as the brilliant and androgynous Midnight Rainare two more compelling examples that listeners willing to commit will be rewarded. 


Taylor Swift doesn't always give herself the nice role. The first single Anti-Hero, possibly the most easily tamed song on the album, sees her lucidly diving into her insecurities and even self-flagellating when she sings “I am the problem is me.” 

She even presents herself as a Manichean manipulator facing a coveted romantic partner in Mastermind, another highlight of the disc. 

If it is crossed by the doubts and existential questions of its craftswoman, Midnights is her album where we feel her the most in control, the most confident in means, the most mature. 

Her voice, strong and crystalline, betrays both her vulnerability and her inner strength. 

Taylor Swift has grown even more and she is at the top of its game. 

Midnights, 4 stars
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