Mike Tyson accuses Hulu of 'stealing his life story'

Mike Tyson accuses Hulu of


Former US boxing champion Mike Tyson has accused the upcoming Hulu series of “stealing his life story,” likening the platform to a “slave trader.”  

The new drama series “Mike” which will be released on August 25th on Hulu, traces the life of the boxer from his childhood to his stunts in the ring through his condemnation for rape in 1992.

“They stole my life story and didn't pay me,” Mike Tyson lambasted on Instagram on Saturday. 

“Hulu is the streaming equivalent of a slave trader,” he added.

The platform, available only in the United States, is majority owned by Disney. 

One of the series' eight episodes will focus on Desiree Washington, taking the perspective of the 18-year-old beauty queen who accused Mike Tyson of rape in 1991. The star had been sentenced the following year and had spent three years in prison. 

Steven Rogers, creator and screenwriter of “Mike” claims not to have “been able to discuss” with Mr. Tyson because another project had already “rights” to his life story. 

“I don’t like p have relied on a single source”, he assures to defend his biographical work carried out without the approval of the ex-heavyweight champion. 

While evoking the accusations of violence marital issues that weigh on Mike Tyson, the series also narrates the abuse the star suffered as a child, the loss of his mother to cancer when he was a teenager, as well as his problems with drug addiction and mental health.

“Hopefully if he watches (the show) he changes his mind,” added Steven Rogers.