Mike Tyson cry live for life outside of Boxing (video)

Майк Тайсон расплакался в прямом эфире из-за жизни вне бокса (видео)

Mike Tyson

Legend of the heavyweight division, former undisputed champion in the division, Mike Tyson broke down in tears in a live podcast at least a significant Boxing former world champion sugar ray Leonard during a conversation about life outside of Boxing.

“I know the art of war, and that’s all I know in this life. Only that I studied. That’s why other fighters were afraid of me when I was with them in the ring. This was the purpose of my birth. Now those days are gone, I am left with emptiness and now I’m worthless.

Now I’m working on the art of humility. I did shed a tear now, due to the fact that I’m not the same Mike Tyson who was before. But I miss that Shirt.

Sometimes I feel like a goat, because it does not allow the old Tyson to get out. If this happens, there will be hell. And it’s not funny. Speak calmly, as if I’m a tough guy. But I just hate him and are afraid,” said the veteran.