Mila kunis in black overalls on a walk with her daughter in Los Angeles

Recently 36-year-old Mila kunis and the case falls under the sights of photographers, not one, and together with his five year old daughter Wyatt. Another walk Actresses and girls didn’t go unnoticed at the weekend, the actress along with her daughter photographed in Los Angeles.

Мила Кунис в черном комбинезоне на прогулке с дочерью в Лос-Анджелесе

Mila, dressed in a black cotton jumpsuit and white sneakers, held the hand of a daughter who gave mom a backpack with a unicorn. Mila obviously stayed in good mood — as if to repel all the spiteful critics, who “bred” her husband Ashton Kutcher (and after the scandalous memoirs of his ex-wife demi Moore and they began to RUB his hands), she smiled warmly and seemed totally happy.

Now kunis tries as much time to spend with the children (also a couple two year old son of Demetrius) — next year she will be shooting Breaking News In Yuba County (the picture has not yet called in the Russian hire), where she will star with Allison Janney, Aquafina and his other star colleagues. In the film, kunis will play a leading news, half-sister which finds her husband in bed with his young mistress, with the result that he dies of a heart attack. However, the wife instead of report about his death, decides to bury him in the garden and reports about the loss of a spouse, which immediately turns it into the local star news.

The last film starring kunis, Comedy picture “the Spy who conned me” (The Spy Who Dumped Me), was released in 2018. The actress is not looking for roles in the movie, and devotes himself to the family and raising children. However, a career she does not forget and perfectly combines it with motherhood.