Mila kunis was blonde

36-year-old Mila kunis surprised fans with an unexpected change of image — from the brown-haired actress has turned into a platinum blonde with the ends painted in pale turquoise color.

Мила Кунис стала блондинкой

With a new hairstyle, the wife of Ashton Kutcher was in the lenses of reporters yesterday. Photographers filmed kunis during a walk with friends. Coloring result in full glory Mila not demonstrated: on her head was a baseball cap, and her hair was gathered in a low bun.

By the way, the actress was also seen by witnesses at the exit of the Barber shop. Show new hairstyle immediately after the change of the image of Mila kunis also did not want: she slipped the hood and quickly got in the car. The secrecy may be due to the fact that now the actress is starring in the new project (for which, perhaps, have changed the image) and is not yet able to declassify details of the new work.

Recall that a couple of days ago Mila kunis was spotted with his 41-year-old husband Ashton Kutcher at a baseball game in Los Angeles. The pair came to support your favorite team “Los Angeles Dodgers” (Los Angeles Dodgers). Mila and Ashton carefully watched the game and reacted emotionally at critical moments.

Have fun the family was not even disturbed by the hype in the press about the publication of the memoirs of a 56-year-old demi Moore, where Ashton was married to the novel with a Cute. In the book “Inside out,” she remembered about infidelity Kutcher and other details of their relationship.